I’m so excited about this next chapter. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and science in the last 15 years, but I only recently was introduced to a program that allowed me to actually implement that knowledge in a way that would change my life and pull me out of extreme negative self-talk, depression, anxiety and a general feeling of overwhelmed Mom of 3 syndrome (it’s real..)

It’s hard to know what to do, it’s hard to implement it, and it’s even harder to stay accountable and learn to live a life of balance. Yo-yo dieting was me for the last 15 years. I would go from one extreme to another and it ended up getting me to my “rock bottom” mentally and physically. So the fact that I know have the ability to help you guys through this is so incredibly fulfilling. I KNOW it works, I’m living proof that it’s sustainable and that you can pull yourself out of that darkness. I’m so passionate about helping you get over this hump and I can’t wait for you to meet the person you are deep down inside – we just have to go find her!

Here’s what you’ll get in my Nutrition for Life Bootcamp:

  • Over 30 new videos about the containers and principles of the nutrition plan
  • Portion Control Containers
  • A workbook and daily log book
  • Cookbook with approved recipes that are DELICIOUS
  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids
  • Apps to track your daily intake and progress
  • Me as your number one cheerleader forever
  • BONUS: When you join my group before April 1st, you’ll get real time streaming of a 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme that we can do live with the creator of the program and our team

The combo pack will also include an insulated tote bag that comes with large partitioned containers, ice packs, and plenty of storage so you can take your food with you wherever you go.

You guys. I’m telling you right now – the excuses are all brought to light and there are solutions for all of them. You CAN do this, you CAN take control back of your life, you CAN help teach your kids how to eat the right way so they don’t grow up with the same issues you have when it comes to food. It’s time to stop letting life pass you by, it’s time to start taking control of your health and your life so you can actually ENJOY it and be HAPPY!

Reach out for more info and so we can figure out which solution will work best for you.

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