All Real Estate Agents are Sleezy Salespeople

So, we spent our afternoon today leasing a car for the hubs. As my Dad (the master negotiator) taught me, I walked in prepped to play hardass. We joke because between my husband and I, I’m typically ready to switch to bitch-Myth 11mode as needed (he gets embarrassed but as a mom of almost 3, I have zero shame). After a couple hours, we left, pleasantly surprised with the experience…there were negotiations of course but I didn’t feel like we got used and abused. The whole ride home all I could think about was how I assumed, and mentally prepared for, a fight…I’m the customer, why should I feel like I’m going to have to go through this hellish process with this sleezeball just to end up with the product I want?! I think for the most part, people go into any sale or purchase with a similar mindset; ready to fight. It’s the same across the board with sales – we’re consumers, sales people surround us everyday – but they shouldn’t make it hellish, they should make it fun and exciting. Sure it’s stressful, you’re usually spending a lot of money and making hard decisions, but in the end there should be more than enough positive feelings to outweigh the negative ones. So, I’m going to start increasing my expectations of situations like this, and you should too. If I start to feel used and abused, I’m gonna walk away and find someone who makes the experience a positive one. They’re out there, you may just have to consciously seek them out.

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