Agents Should Tell You About Crime, Schools & Ethnic Make Up of Neighborhoods

Myth 7.jpg

Fair Housing Laws prevent real estate agents from discriminating against a number of protected classes. This means agents are prohibited from disclosing information related to those classes that may sway their clients decision on where to buy. One of the most common requests clients ask of agents is to find a house in a “good school district” – we can’t tell you what’s a “good” school district, it’s up to the client to determine which areas are preferred.  There are so many different school rating websites, and different criteria for coming up with those ratings – you (the client) are the only person capable of deciding which schools are good enough to fancy your presence in the neighborhood 🙂 Seriously though, your idea of good and someone else’s idea of good can be completely different and although Realtors are a lot of things, we’re not mind readers (and shouldn’t pretend that we are). 

Similarly, crime rates and the ethnic makeup of a neighborhood can’t be disclosed by real estate agents, we can only direct clients to where they can find that information on their own. Consider providing your agent with specific parameters (zip codes, neighborhoods, etc.) that you want to focus on from the start so that your search results will best suit your desired location and other needs.

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